Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Blog

I wanted to start over. As most will notice I have removed almost all of my blogs as I want a fresh start and not really too happy with the way the last one went. I've kept only one as it is my favourite and still hits close to home.

Perhaps this year I will have more valuable blogs to post.

Ciao for now


Laurie said...

You've inspired me to get back to my tall tales but true blog. Watch out for a new one coming your way soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi TWP, nice to see you writing again.

TheWhitePearl said...

Thanks guys! I'll try not to be too entirely boring. I'm sure I will let you down. Every once in awhile there will be a gem.

I could write a blog about the crazy lady speaking in four different languages all rolled into once that I had to interpret (don't ask me how I managed to accomplish this) or about how completely inebriated I am right now so I have no idea what has been typed in the previous sentences but will post this mish mash of a comment any way.

I do however hope both of you are doing quite well and am pleased to announce that I managed to work my boyfriend up to reading The God Delusion. Small step but yet I feel so accomplished. As he is what we would refer to as a "cultural Christian".

And I am rambling again.