Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's only Tuesday and I'm already thinking about wenches and mead.

Oi there are so many events and random things that have to be accomplished just in today's time. Down to the workroom to see how the dog beds and pillows are coming along. Over to the garment maker to make sure she can accomplish what we need her to accomplish with the confidentiality that is needed of her. Meeting with client. Grocery shopping. Science fair shopping. Putting together fabric samples to prepare for client meeting tomorrow. Vacuum rug. Get paint cans down from attic-This is an accident waiting to happen. Paint touch up spots which are mostly on the ceiling. (Fabulous) If the preparation work doesn't cause an accident of this sort I'll be surprised if the actual painting doesn't. Adam said he would do it this past Sunday and never called or made any contact and obviously never showed up. Big fucking surprise there.


Pick kiddos up from school. (By 2.45 and then again at 3:30) Tutor and help with science fair project. On that note-have to find the camera and charge it. Cooking dinner is the last thing.

You know when I look at everything it doesn't seem that bad. But one step somehow always complicates itself and turns into three. For now everything is on hold until I get the coffee beans.


Philip1978 said...

I see the Alestorm song caught on then!

I know what you mean when things can magnificently complicated in the most annoying ways possible and then decides to mutate and evolve.

Though, that is reserved for other people - with me it all happens at once and I really screw up properly, I do not hang around to wait for it to mutate into 3 more things - it ALL happens at once in a nice easy to scream at bastard problem!


TheWhitePearl said...

Oh Philip-don't think for one second it doesn't hit me all at once. I am in a constant state of screaming at people!!!!

Of course the Alestorm song caught on. It is my new favorite. :)